"Jillian is a great motivator for my lazy bones, and I appreciate her patience and humour."


I believe that yoga meets you “where you are at”.

So - even if you are a beginning yoga student, or someone who has followed a different path of exercising, there is much to be gained by bringing yoga into your life: self-awareness, inner concentration, flexibility and strength - both physically and mentally - ease of breath and nourishment and openness to your heart centre. Let me show you how to incorporate yoga into your daily life.

It is never too late to start!

About Jillian

My yoga practise has supported and sustained me when events in my life have presented me with challenges and circumstantial changes.

I maintain a regular yoga practise: asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), savasana (relaxation), and dhyana (meditation).

Twelve years ago I began to share my joy and passion for yoga with a variety of students.

I received my yoga teaching certification at The Expanding Light, Ananda Ashram, California. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance (USA), and a “Yoga for Seniors” Certified Instructor. I continue to develop my practise and knowledge of yoga through self-study, classes, workshops and retreats.

Jillian Cook Yoga

Thank you for the gift of sharing your yoga knowledge. I realize the benefits from your instruction each day and appreciate the effects even more.

Suzanne, Corporate Manager.